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 Kaip tapti gidu?

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Kaip tapti gidu?   Sk. 04 26, 2009 1:34 pm

Kaip tapti gidu?
Kaip tapti gidu? Nueikit į slidžių mestelį (ski village)spaudžiat ant būdelės.
-What is the name of the big fish in Ice Fishing?: Mullet
-What day does the newspaper come out?: Thursday
-How many sled racing tracks are there?: 4
-Which color puffle can catch on fire?: Black
-What is the name of Captain Rockhopper’s ship?: The Migrator
-Which of these games has a shark in it?: Jet Pack Adventure
-Which of these rooms does not have music playing in the background?: Pet Shop
-What item is always hidden in a different place in the clothing catalog in a different place every month?: The Viking helmet
-Which of these rooms does not have a game in it?: Beach
-How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?: 60
-How do you get a pin?: Walk on top of it
-In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin Times?: Boiler Room
-Which room has a cuckoo clock?: Ski Lodge
-How does the pink puffle play?: Skips with a skipping rope.
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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Re: Kaip tapti gidu?   Sk. 04 26, 2009 1:42 pm

Ačiū ;)Už atsakymus man pravers
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Kaip tapti gidu?
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